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21 Sep Architecturally Designed Love

There are so many aspects to engagement photos. We know it’s all about the couple, their love story, how they met, but about the overall styling? We know your personality comes out in what you where, the types of shots take, the overall location, but what about the venue? You can have a lot of fun in the right venue and get some amazing shots using the architecture around you. The dynamic come spaces create not only give you a diverse backdrop or a unique perspective to your overall session but can bring out as much of your personality as your attire.

Miguel knew he just had to make Xiomara his and decided to propose at Xiomara’s birthday dinner. Setting the scene in true gentleman style he had arranged a private table with rose petals carefully placed on their seats. After a lovely dinner and warm conversation while Xiomara excused herself to the restroom only to return to Miguel sitting on her side of the table looking at the dessert menu. Dessert was ordered. The waiter made his way down the aisle and as he placed the lovely dessert plate in front of Xiomara, Miguel grabbed her face  and said “Xiomara Thomas will you…”. “Will I what?” She replied, only to look down at a chocolate covered plate with the words ‘Will You Marry Me’ and a beautiful gold ring.

When Xiomara and Miguel met up with Ashley Izquierdo Photography they decided to take their engagement session to downtown Tampa and take advantage of the wonderful use of space. The building they had their shots take gave a wonderful arrangement of alternative views, creative juxtaposition, and elegant lines and artistic beauty. One of a king engagement photos for a one of a kind couple.


Photography: Ashley Izquierdo Photography

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