31 Mar Blue Hair, Tattoos, A Black Wedding Dress And Pure Love

There are so many things about our next wedding submission that made the whole thing incredibly spectacular, beautiful, and wonderfully unique! Anna and Brooks are not your average couple, so neither was their wedding average. With so many similar passions and great loves, it was only easy for them to decide exactly what they wanted their wedding to focus on…them. What’s a better theme for a wedding than the couple who is getting married!?

Pages from their favourite novels were used to create the lovely table runner, and were used as a great alternative to traditional florals. Handcrafted, various pages were used to make some incredibly stunning bouquets and boutonnieres. Not only did this create one of a kind pieces, but made some great keepsakes that really will last a lifetime.

The venue was incredibly gothic couture with twilight lighting pouring through the windows which only enhanced the exposed brick walls. Creating such an eloquent atmosphere only matched the Bride’s one of a kind black wedding dress. We absolutely love bride’s who are not afraid to go against tradition and go for an out-of-the-box wedding dress that suits their personality and goes against the grain.

The day was finished off with some innovative traditions of their own. During the ceremony the couple each poured a fifth of whiskey into a mini wood barrel which will then age to a very fine taste, which they will happily enjoy on their anniversary later in life. The most touching moment came when Brooks surprised Anna with a wedding gift.  In front of all their family and important wedding guests, Brooks sang “Your Song” by Elton John, incredibly moving which can be seen in the evidence of their wedding photos. There is nothing better than seeing just how much a Bride can mean to her Groom.


Photography: Urban Light Studios

Event Planner: Blush Celebrations

Caterer: Duos

Equipment Rentals: Vintage Ambiance


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