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06 Apr Day Of The Dread

Wedding photos have usually been created using the same structure. The Bride and Groom look lovingly into each others eyes while their bridal party look over them with adoration and joy for the happy couple. Ok. By no means are we disrespecting these shots, they are classics for a reason. But sometimes you want a little more than a cookie cutter shot that ‘sells’. A photograph that shows emotion, personality, and creativity all in one.

More and more photographers are choosing to take wedding photography to a whole new level. Not just timeless shots for the Bride and Groom to reminisce over for years to come, but shots that could be their own spreads in Vogue, or artistic prints hanging in an art gallery. Lisa Rundall Photography is one such photographer who ran with this type of vision, and all we can say is…wow!

Lisa took her inspiration from (who better than) the Bride and Groom. Focusing on their unique style and earthy dreadlocks, she brought to life a dreamy bohemian ‘Day of the Dread’ wedding shoot, creating one of a kind art pieces within every photo. The images depict a somber mood which helps juxtapose the airy, lightness of each shot. Adding some impressive and visually striking floral arrangements by Azalea Botanics, completed each shot to create an ever enchanting finish.


Photography: Lisa Rundall Photography

Floral Design: Azalea Botanics

Hair Design: Lincoln & Dakota

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