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20 Sep Drawn Together By The Universe

If the universe has taught us anything, is that it definitely has a plan for all of us. Whether we can see it at the time or we don’t find out the overall meaning till later in life, there is always plan. Yup. Those keys you lost that one time? That boss that was so horrible you had to quit on the spot without a plan B? Or missing your flight home from holiday so you had to stay another night in Barbados? Whether it was a great experience or a bad one all these moments, choices, paths we take, lead us to exactly where we are supposed to be. In one particular couple’s case, it was these moments that led them to each other from across the US!

Brittany packed everything she owned into her pickup truck. She decided to leave everything and everyone she knew in her hometown in Florida to attend Wyotech in Sacramento, California. Paul packed up everything he owned and travelled from his hometown in Michigan to head to where? Sacramento, California. Trials and tribulations definitely came their way testing each of their own individual character. So much so Brittany was worried she wasn’t going to make it to the first semester. She came so close to attending a different campus in another state. But. As we know. The Universe had a plan. They both made it through and found each other. After only a week of dating, they definitely knew it was fate that had brought them together. Five years later, Paul made it official by asking his soulmate to marry to him. Their next travel adventure is now together.


Photography: Innovative Memories


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