Ashley Izquierdo Photography and Pretty and Inked
21 Sep
Architecturally Designed Love

There are so many aspects to engagement photos. We know it's all about the couple, their love story, how they met, but about the overall styling? We know your personality comes out in what you where, the types of shots take, the overall location, but...

Innovative Memories and Pretty and Inked
20 Sep
Drawn Together By The Universe

If the universe has taught us anything, is that it definitely has a plan for all of us. Whether we can see it at the time or we don't find out the overall meaning till later in life, there is always plan. Yup. Those keys...

Lanterns and Feathers Photography and Pretty and Inked
10 Sep
A Day In The Life Of Us

" Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once and a while, you could miss it." Ferris Bueller is a cult classic for a reason, just like the reason why this quote became famous. Life can move so incredibly fast that sometimes...

Kel Ward Photography and Pretty and Inked
31 Aug
Hip, Fun, and Totally In Love

Las Vegas is an amazing place. The place just oozes creativity, experience and adventure. It's home to some of the most amazing nightlife, some incredible landscapes, and one of a kind backdrops which can lead to some unforgettable photos. If you're lucky enough to live...

Lanternsand Feathers and Pretty and Inked
27 Aug
That Little Pink Unicorn Though

Engagement Shoots. We talk about how fun these can be a LOT. We can't help it. Engagement shoots are a chance for you to get comfortable in front of the camera, get used to the idea of having someone following you around all day, get...

Double You Photography and Pretty and Inked Magazine
17 Aug
Editorial Photoshoot or Surprise Proposal

Proposals were once a very simple cookie-cutter act. Guy likes girl, guy buys ring, guy gets down on one knee, guy says the same four words hoping for the same answer as all the grooms before him. Cut and dry, right? Well, not so much...

Peter Togel Photography and Pretty and Inked
22 Jun
Crazy In Love…And In Paint

Engagement sessions are often underappreciated and in some cases completely overlooked when it comes to planning your wedding. With cake tastings, invitations to post, dresses to buy and venues to peruse who has time for an extra set of photos? 'We've had couple shots done, we...

Kathleen Hertel Photography and Pretty and Inked Magazine
26 May
Pretty in Red, 1950s Style Engagement

When this submission from Kathleen Hertel Photography popped up in our inbox it was immediately met with endless 'so cute!' declarations. These vintage love affair renditions of a 1950s styled-to-the-nine's couple are nothing short of adorable, creative and so incredibly cute. Both addicted to the...

Sascha Reinking Photography And Pretty and Inked Magazine
23 May
A NoMad Nomad Elopement

It seems that elopements are becoming more and more popular as the seasons go by. As we've seen with some of the amazing previous submissions, no only do elopements save you time, headaches, and keep the focus on you and your one love, they open...

Clint Bargen Photography and Pretty and Inked Magazine
14 May
A Little Bit Great Gatsby Engagement

Technology and software advancements seem to be picking up speed the more time passes. Just think, the things we use more than anything else day to day haven't been around for very long. Facebook, started in 2004. Instagram was only launched in 2010 as well...