Maud Stevens Wagner The First Female Tattoo Artist
08 Mar
Happy International (Tattooed) Womens Day!

Pretty Inked Magazine is not only a tattoo and lifestyle magazine celebrating the art of tattooing. It's about celebrating Tattoo Bettys, women who are successful, talented and tattooed, and changing the societal outlook which dictates how women see, and dress their own bodies. For some...

Ashley Izquierdo Photography and Pretty and Inked
21 Sep
Architecturally Designed Love

There are so many aspects to engagement photos. We know it's all about the couple, their love story, how they met, but about the overall styling? We know your personality comes out in what you where, the types of shots take, the overall location, but...

Kel Ward Photography and Pretty and Inked
31 Aug
Hip, Fun, and Totally In Love

Las Vegas is an amazing place. The place just oozes creativity, experience and adventure. It's home to some of the most amazing nightlife, some incredible landscapes, and one of a kind backdrops which can lead to some unforgettable photos. If you're lucky enough to live...

22 Jul
Polka Dots, Cherry Blossoms, Tattoos and Candy Floss

Take a minute and think about the last time someone took a photo of you and your boyfriend/fiance/husband. Was it a week? A month? Maybe a year ago? Now, take a minute and think about even the last time you took a selfie of you...

Summer Shea Photography and Pretty and Inked Magazine
19 Jul
Glitz, Gold, and so many Tattoos

Summer Berriel of Summer Shea Photography had a vision. She saw a warm and humid desert, with distinct landscape and epic atmosphere. She saw elements that were defined by elevation and a backdrop of neutral and natural tones. And in the middle next to an...

True Grace Photography and Pretty and Inked Magazine
13 Jul
Tattoo Betty Rosalia Costello

'Since I can remember, I have constantly been overwhelmed by the diversity and intensity of my passions. Choosing a single career has never been easy, and I pride myself in my ability to delve deeply into a myriad of interests. Be it the culture and...

Kim Fox Photography and Pretty and Inked
07 Jul
We Can Live Like Jack And Sally If We Want

Our jaws instantly dropped when Justin and Lindsay's wedding popped up in our inbox. The black Vera Wang dress, the long and winding elegant staircases, with the wonderfully dark and occult touches instantly captured our hearts and our intrigue. This lovely couple's wedding was nothing...

Phase4Photography and Pretty and Inked
04 Jul
Underneath The Big Oak Tree, A Tattooed Bride and Her Groom

Sometimes when it comes to planning your wedding, keeping to what is simple is the best policy. While big fancy black tie weddings have their place, it can be quite overwhelming. What's supposed to be the happiest day of your life and one of the...

Refine Foster Photography and Pretty and Inked Magazine
30 May
Glitter, Gold, and Tattoos

Whether you are a little bit punky, a little bit edgy, or a little bit rock n roll, all us girls love a little bit of glitter, no? Hey, even midnight black sparkle glitter has found its way onto some skull table decor every now...

Kathleen Hertel Photography and Pretty and Inked Magazine
26 May
Pretty in Red, 1950s Style Engagement

When this submission from Kathleen Hertel Photography popped up in our inbox it was immediately met with endless 'so cute!' declarations. These vintage love affair renditions of a 1950s styled-to-the-nine's couple are nothing short of adorable, creative and so incredibly cute. Both addicted to the...