Innovative Memories and Pretty and Inked
20 Sep
Drawn Together By The Universe

If the universe has taught us anything, is that it definitely has a plan for all of us. Whether we can see it at the time or we don't find out the overall meaning till later in life, there is always plan. Yup. Those keys...

22 Jul
Polka Dots, Cherry Blossoms, Tattoos and Candy Floss

Take a minute and think about the last time someone took a photo of you and your boyfriend/fiance/husband. Was it a week? A month? Maybe a year ago? Now, take a minute and think about even the last time you took a selfie of you...

Kathleen Hertel Photography and Pretty and Inked Magazine
26 May
Pretty in Red, 1950s Style Engagement

When this submission from Kathleen Hertel Photography popped up in our inbox it was immediately met with endless 'so cute!' declarations. These vintage love affair renditions of a 1950s styled-to-the-nine's couple are nothing short of adorable, creative and so incredibly cute. Both addicted to the...

19 Feb
Tattoo Betty Brandice McCown Waldrop

If you didn't pick up the last issue of Pretty & Inked you probably missed out on the a pretty incredible Tattoo Betty. Brandice Waldrop is a successful Occupational Therapy Assistant in Hoover, Alabama. With a specialization in Pediatrics, she also currently works with elderly...

Pretty Inkeds Tattoo Betty Michelle Allen
02 Jan
Tattoo Betty Michelle Allen

Michelle (Chellie) Allen, is a talented and creative Graphic Designer who works and lives in London England. Her work has been featured in numerous campaigns, is a charity supporter, a marathon runner, and naturally…a tattooed betty! Chellie has ten tattoo’s; a wingwalker on a biplane that covers her...