Lanternsand Feathers and Pretty and Inked
27 Aug
That Little Pink Unicorn Though

Engagement Shoots. We talk about how fun these can be a LOT. We can't help it. Engagement shoots are a chance for you to get comfortable in front of the camera, get used to the idea of having someone following you around all day, get...

Milton Photography and Pretty and Inked Magazine
08 Aug
An Edgy And Feminine Floral Editorial

More often than we'd like to know, there is a miss conception that women can only be defined as being one thing. Pretty, girly, punk, edgy, eclectic, etc. The question of 'what is your style' being bound by a general social standard definition. Implying that...

Dragonflyshots and Pretty and Inked Magazine
25 Jul
10 Year Vow Renewal In Ink

A lot has changed since the days of our grandparents. While technology has changed, the workplace has changed, and our everyday lives have changed, we're talking specifically about the way we love has changed. Way back when, it really was as simple as looking across...

Summer Shea Photography and Pretty and Inked Magazine
19 Jul
Glitz, Gold, and so many Tattoos

Summer Berriel of Summer Shea Photography had a vision. She saw a warm and humid desert, with distinct landscape and epic atmosphere. She saw elements that were defined by elevation and a backdrop of neutral and natural tones. And in the middle next to an...

Kim Fox Photography and Pretty and Inked
07 Jul
We Can Live Like Jack And Sally If We Want

Our jaws instantly dropped when Justin and Lindsay's wedding popped up in our inbox. The black Vera Wang dress, the long and winding elegant staircases, with the wonderfully dark and occult touches instantly captured our hearts and our intrigue. This lovely couple's wedding was nothing...

05 Jul
Airplanes, Automobiles, and Comic Books

If you've checked out our last Issue of Pretty & Inked, you most likely saw the feature including this amazing couple. When we came across Shawn and Bethany’s wedding we could not have been more excited! Not only for the amazing 1950’s pinup tea length...

Phase4Photography and Pretty and Inked
04 Jul
Underneath The Big Oak Tree, A Tattooed Bride and Her Groom

Sometimes when it comes to planning your wedding, keeping to what is simple is the best policy. While big fancy black tie weddings have their place, it can be quite overwhelming. What's supposed to be the happiest day of your life and one of the...

JamieY Photography and Pretty and Inked
17 Jun
Nothing Makes A BackYard Wedding Like A Trampoline

Pretty & Inked is an alternative state of mind magazine based in North America. We work hard to promote alternative fashion and interior design, our beautiful Tattoo Bettys and the talented tattoo artists who helped create them, and of course our amazing alternative couples. Now,...

10 Jun
A Tattooed Princess And Her Tattooed Prince

There are a lot of things to be done when it comes to planning a wedding. and a lot of people to get on board! Gowns and suits, venue’s and hotel’s, a make up artist, a caterer, a baker, a candlestick maker…okay, maybe not that...

Deep Blue Photography and Pretty and Inked Magazine
06 Jun
A Bohemian Bonfire Beach Wedding

Your wedding is a celebration. Pure and simple. A celebration of you, your partner, your love story, your future life together and those people who are most important to you. So given that this is seen as a once in a lifetime thing and the...