Maud Stevens Wagner The First Female Tattoo Artist
08 Mar
Happy International (Tattooed) Womens Day!

Pretty Inked Magazine is not only a tattoo and lifestyle magazine celebrating the art of tattooing. It's about celebrating Tattoo Bettys, women who are successful, talented and tattooed, and changing the societal outlook which dictates how women see, and dress their own bodies. For some...

05 Aug
Pretty & Inked’s Tattoo Bettys

Pretty & Inked love our Tattoo Betty’s (successful, talented, beautiful tattooed women) of the past, present and future generations. We heart them so much we have a whole section in our magazine dedicated to these ladies (be sure to check that out!) and are always on...

14 May
Tattoo Artist Ashla B

For those of you who missed out on the first pre-issue of Pretty & Inked Magazine, you missed one hell of a feature on an incredible rising female tattoo artist. Ashla B. is a beautiful, amazing and incredibly talented tattoo artist working out of Human...

13 Apr
Nothing But Tattoos And Love In An Abandoned Warehouse

When Kimberly Butler of Fleur de Lis Photography sent us her submission of  this incredible abandoned warehouse engagement session, we were wishing for more photos! We could have spent hours going through shot after shot of this incredible session, not only for such an adorable...

Chianti Images and Pretty and Inked Magazine
05 Jan
Tattoo Betty Christine Elizabeth

Christine Elizabeth is a beautiful asian/caucasian Freelance Model based out of Edmonton Alberta. Collaborating with Alaina Hunter of Chianti Images, Christine shines in a perfectly stylized and perfectly relaxed Tattoo Betty Shoot! Showcasing a woman’s natural beauty in the early morning lounging in the kitchen and...