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04 Jul Underneath The Big Oak Tree, A Tattooed Bride and Her Groom

Sometimes when it comes to planning your wedding, keeping to what is simple is the best policy. While big fancy black tie weddings have their place, it can be quite overwhelming. What’s supposed to be the happiest day of your life and one of the most enjoyable journeys you’re supposed to have ends up being nothing but gigantic price tags and guest lists that include people you haven’t even heard of.  If the big palace venue, waiters wearing pristine white gloves and bottles of port being passed around is not your thing, then you might want to take a peak at this lovely alternative outdoor wedding.

Liz and Travis met a day before Thanksgiving at a local bar among a group of their friends. Travis loved Liz’s quirky and dry sense of humour while Liz loved Travis’s smile and full head of hair. Having a beautiful and heartfelt proposal on the beach in Catalina after a simple romantic dinner, wedding planning for these two was the just same. Simple and heartfelt. Nothing but natural beauty, whimsical and quirky details, and a very relaxed and warm atmosphere.

Underneath a huge oak tree at the old Shakespearean theatre, 1909, witnessed by their close friends and family Liz and Travis exchanged their vows. The sun was shining at the perfect height to give off a perfect glow over the Bride and Groom. With two ‘I do’s’ smiles and joyful applause from their guests the couple snuck off to the garden for some intimate newly wed photos shot by Phase4Photography. After a few secret moments the couple appeared for the reception which was held over rustic tables carefully handmade by the owner of the venue himself. They were decorated simply with mismatched silverware, neutral dinnerware and completed with dark and bold contrasting florals.

The happy couple brought out each of their personalities that day, not just in the venue and the decor but in the attire as well. Dressed in a debonair black suit the groom wore checkered Vans slips with funky pizza and beer socks, socks of which were also sported by his groomsmen. The bridesmaids also wore black which created the perfect frame for the Bride to show off her stunning dress along with her stunning tattoos. Liz had two wedding dresses, one for the ceremony and another custom made by fashion designer, Jn Marie, but each with the same feeling in mind. Both dresses not only were made to make Liz feel beautiful but both were tailored to display her body art which is just as much a part of her personality as anything else. They accented all the colours and ink work perfectly creating some truly lovely photographs. But, then again, we have a soft spot for tattooed brides.


Photography: Phase4Photography

Event Planning & Design: Dapper Doll Events

Venue: The 1909

Floral Design: Unique Floral Design

Cake Design: Carrara Pastries

Photobooth: Oh Snap Studios

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